Longman New Real Toeic - Actual Tests For Reading Comprehension RC

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  • Loại sách: Ngoại ngữ - Tiếng Anh
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  • Kích cỡ: 18.5x26cm
  • Nhà xuất bản: Tổng hợp Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh
  • Tìm theo vần: L
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New Longman Real Toeic - Actual Tests For Reading Comprehension


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It has been more than one year since the first release of our Real TOEIC title and we have received very positive feedback from our readers, saying they find the book very helpful and totally different from other titles available on the market.This New Real TOEIC with improved features is designed to be your companion on the road of conquering the TOEIC test.


When the new TOEIC test was first administered in May 2006, many testtakers were worried that they might never get a high score due to a substantial change in the test format, and rushed to buy textbooks which claimed to prepare themselves for the new test. Unluckily, these books often do not live up to their claims, leaving many testtakers a feeling of frustration and further anxiety.


New Real TOEIC is different!


Through our extensive research, we have finally come up with secrets to help you conquer the "New TOEIC Monster". Using this book, you will start with small but stable steps towards a guaranteed high score at the end. This is not another groundless marketing claim!


Many people have contributed to the release of this new version. Among them are: Jun-yeong, Bo-yu and Se-jun, whose English is even better than their Korean thanks to their many long years studying in the US; Back Ji-yeong, Jeon Sang-su-ri and Kim Su-Yeon, who have carefully proofread the whole version, and especially O Yong-jin, President of Pearson Longman Korea; Jeong Jong-dac and Bak Sang-yong of the same company, who have given their tremendous support throughout the process of making this product available to our testtakers.


Buy now!!


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